Rubber Vs Vinyl: What is the Higher Sort of Backyard Hose?

Rolling out the backyard hose to water the garden, your flowers and landscaping is considerably of a ceremony of spring. However have you learnt what kind of hose is greatest for you? Sure, even probably the most seemingly easy gardening instruments have a wide range of choices for householders to select from. By way of backyard hoses, there are issues like thickness, size and materials that ought to be thought of. The latter issue is likely one of the most vital to think about and usually boils down as to if a rubber or vinyl/plastic backyard hose is greatest to your state of affairs.

So what is going to it’s for you – plastic or rubber? This is a take a look at the professionals and cons of every.


Typically talking, plastic or vinyl backyard hoses are the cheaper of the 2 aforementioned hose choices. They’re additionally higher for extra primary gardening wants, as these hoses are typically lighter in weight and simpler to deal with, but much less sturdy than their rubber counterparts. This is a take a look at extra execs and cons of plastic or vinyl hoses:

PRO: Good for gentle climates. Plastic tends to warp when uncovered to extended sizzling temperatures. Usually, the extra gentle climates are perfect for this hose kind. Whereas it may possibly nonetheless be utilized in extra excessive circumstances, householders are sometimes suggested to retailer it when not utilizing it to keep away from warping and untimely put on in such circumstances.

CON: Kinks. Plastic or vinyl hoses kink a lot simpler than rubber ones.

CON: Harm simpler. Plastic/vinyl hoses do not roll up as simple as rubber ones and usually tend to crack and develop leaks in chilly climate.


Rubber hoses are a dearer choice than plastic/vinyl hoses and due to this fact include a better up-front price. However they’re additionally extra sturdy and excellent for extra intensive gardening operations. This is a better take a look at some execs and cons of rubber hoses:

PRO: Lengthy lasting. Rubber hoses are higher high quality than plastic/vinyl, that means they last more, are simpler to retailer and extra immune to kinks. They’re additionally higher in a position to endure extra excessive climate circumstances than plastic or vinyl hoses. They can be bought with a strengthened lining which makes them extra immune to kinking and cracking.

CON: Heavy. Rubber hoses are extra sturdy than vinyl hoses – that is good. However they’re additionally heavier and extra labor intensive to maneuver, which might be off-putting for a lot of. In case you’re nonetheless not offered on both of the aforementioned choices, why not think about a hose that is one of the best of each worlds? That is proper, rubber/vinyl hose combos can be found that mix the light-weight of plastic hoses with the sturdiness of rubber hoses. Nevertheless, one con to the sort of hybrid hose is that they’re typically priced greater than customary rubber hoses, that are the dearer choice within the rubber vs. plastic backyard hose enviornment. So a rubber/vinyl hose will probably be the costliest choice you possibly can purchase.

So what is going to it’s for you and your gardening wants – plastic, rubber or hybrid?

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