101 Ultralight Backpacking Tips

101 Ultralight Backpacking Tips

An ultralight knapsack suggests more enjoyable. Delight in drifting down the path rather of carrying heavy equipment. If you mercilessly evaluate every piece of equipment in your pack, you can have an ultralight knapsack. Here are 201 suggestions to think about for minimizing the weight of your pack. Some are huge, some are little. That becomes part of the trick. Little things accumulate. Due to the fact that they are some of the most crucial, the apparent and old are pointed out. Have a good time being a fanatic. Welcome them to raise your pack and compare it to theirs if your pals make unfavorable remarks. Think about these suggestions as a buffet, and take what you like:

1. Purchase a digital scale. You can discover a great one that determines down to 1/10 ounce for about $30. You’ll be amazed at the weights of some products. You can take your light, portable scale into shops and make smart choices prior to you purchase. Do not fear sales individuals with little or no understanding of the backpacking equipment they’re offering. You’re now in control. Let them fear you.

2. Get rid of the excess weight from your body. Losing those undesirable pounds is most likely the very best weight decrease you can make. It does not include leaving any of your preferred devices house. You’ll feel much better, and there’s a net gain in strength and endurance.

3. As soon as, it requires to be pointed out at least. Leave it house if you do not require it.

4. Prevent last-minute packaging. You’re more most likely to toss in things like additional clothes you do not require if you load and rush at the last minute.

5. Strategy ahead and share the weight of the equipment such as the camping tent and cooking equipment if you’re backpacking with a buddy.

6. Establish your sewing abilities. Be imaginative. A few of the very best, and many economical, ultralight backpacking equipment is the kind you make yourself.


7. Purchase a light knapsack. Your pack is among the very best locations to brighten. You’ll require to minimize the volume and weight of every piece of equipment to utilize the lightest pack. Your outcome can be a pack that weighs less than 2 pounds. That’s a cost savings of more than 5 pounds over the huge “load beast” packs.

8. Do not purchase a pack with excessive capability. You’ll be too lured to fill it, and it will not deal with as efficiently if it’s partly filled.

9. Attempt utilizing your pack without the hip belt. You may like it much better.

10. If you do not utilize it, eliminate your pack’s breast bone strap.

11. Get rid of any producer tags from the bag. Get rid of tags from all your equipment, consisting of clothes. If you can’t keep in mind how they’re to be cleaned, conserve the care directions from the clothes.

12. Cut a few of the length from the waist belt and straps on the pack. When you’re using your bulkiest clothes, keep in mind to leave them long enough for.

13. If the pack has aluminum stays, or some other strengthening product that can be gotten rid of, attempt bring the pack without it. The actually light pack you wind up with should not require strengthening. Believe favorably from the start.

14. Discover a method to change them with lighter ones if your pack has big buckles or cable locks.

15. Do not stress excessive about the lighter products in ultralight packs. These products are still really strong. You can make repair work that are lighter than tape by utilizing McNett Joint Grip. It works for sleeping bags, camping tents, and other equipment, too.

16. If you require a pack cover, utilize one that’s really light, like the ones that are made from 1.3 ounce silicone-coated nylon. Or, utilize a light-weight trash can. Or, spray your pack with a water resistant covering. Your pack might currently be water resistant. Examine the producer’s specs. You may be able to conserve the weight of a pack cover.

17. Ultralight compression things sacks can assist you minimize the volume of your equipment. Due to the fact that you end up with a smaller sized pack, you might be able to reduce your general weight by utilizing compression bags.

Sleeping Equipment

18. Purchase a sleeping bag that isn’t “overkill.” It’s unexpected the number of individuals purchase a sleeping bag for low temperature levels and after that utilize the bag for summertime outdoor camping 95% of the time.

19. Utilize a down bag. Absolutely nothing is more effective for the weight. Do not stress excessive about the down getting damp and losing its effectiveness. High quality bags are made with shell materials that have an extremely tight weave and are really water repellent, so they tend to safeguard the down. The down itself has natural oils in it. It works for the geese. Utilize your abilities to keep your bag dry. Keep it in a water resistant things sack.

20. Have a little towel useful to clean any condensation from camping tent walls. That will assist your ultralight sleeping bag carry out to its optimum.

21. A piece of thin and really light painter’s tarpaulin plastic or a light garbage bag can be utilized to keep condensation off the foot of your sleeping bag. The plastic or garbage bag can have several usages such as keeping equipment dry.

22. With a light-weight bag you can constantly include layers of clothes for additional heat.

23. You can likewise utilize a silk liner that includes heat and weighs just 4 ounces.

24. Change your things sack for an ultralight one that’s made from 1.3 oz. silicone-coated nylon. They weigh just.6 ounces.

25. Keep your sleeping bag tidy. That will keep the effectiveness high.

26. When it’s at house so it will keep its complete loft and optimum effectiveness, keep your sleeping bag in a big storage bag.

27. Air out your bag throughout lunch and as rapidly as possible after you established camp. Wetness can vaporize and the bag can totally loft.

28. Consume and consume prior to going to sleep. That will assist your body to effectively warm your sleeping bag.

29. You can utilize things as light as plastic paper bags or grocery sacks to keep them warm if your feet get a little cool. You can utilize the bags for double function jobs, and they include barely any weight. They can likewise be utilized for bringing damp equipment and boots into the camping tent. The sleeping bag things sack can be utilized as a foot warmer.

30. Utilizing an ultralight blow-up mattress can minimize your pack weight and volume and increase your convenience. They can be as light as about 20 ounces for a full-length bed mattress.

31. You can have a blow-up mattress with insulation in televisions for just about 1 ounce more.

32. Leave any inflatable sleeping pad open as much as possible so the condensation within will vaporize.

33. A closed-cell foam pad is simple and light to utilize. You can even remove locations that you do not require to conserve a couple of ounces.

34. The lightest blow-up mattress offered is called a balloon bed. No joke. The shell can be made from 1.3 oz. (or lighter) silicone-coated ripstop nylon. Stitch 7 tubes (or basically) into the 60″ long material. Leave completions open for placing and getting rid of the balloons. Place Qualatex 60″ balloons (design 260Q) since they’re the greatest. Usage white or clear given that they’re more powerful than colored ones. The balloon bed can weigh less than 4 ounces. A pump can weigh 1.3 or 2.2 oz. Each night you’ll require to utilize brand-new balloons, so figure 8 per night. 8 balloons weigh.4 ounces. This figures one for damage. They do not pop when you lay on them, however might pop when you connect them off. See more at balloonbed.com. Or make your own and get balloons and a pump at tmyers.com, larocksmagic.com, or others.

35. If you do not require too much insulation or cushion, you can go insane and utilize bubble wrap for your sleeping pad. It’ll weigh about 4 ounces. There’s a range that’s made with some nylon that is much more powerful than the most affordable kind, however the bubbles still pop when you focus your elbows or knees straight on a little location.

36. Ultralight backpackers have actually created a great deal of concepts for light-weight pillows. Among the most typical is utilizing your additional clothes for a pillow. One location to include the clothes remains in your sleeping bag things sack.

37. You frequently do not have much in the method of additional clothes when you load ultralight. Some hikers utilize their pack for a pillow. It fixes a 2nd obstacle of where to put your pack in the camping tent.

38. A little piece of foam with a few of your equipment beneath can work as a pillow.

39. At.4 oz. you can get a pillow at Workplace Depot. It’s a 10 x 12″ air wrap plastic packaging “bubble” that you can explode and deflate with a straw.


40. You can conserve a great deal of weight by selecting an ultralight camping tent that weighs 2 to 3 pounds for the two-person camping tent, or less than 2 pounds for a one-person camping tent.

41. Think about purchasing a one-person camping tent for those times you go solo if you typically backpack with a buddy.

42. You can conserve the weight of camping tent poles on some camping tents if you currently utilize treking poles.

43. You can conserve weight by changing the poles with lighter carbon fiber poles if you have an old camping tent you ‘d like to keep.

44. If you have an old camping tent that you like which has a fly, you can conserve weight by utilizing the old fly as a pattern and stitching a brand-new fly from 1.3 oz. silicone-coated nylon.

45. You can conserve weight by utilizing titanium camping tent stakes. The 6″ titanium stakes are simply.2 ounces each.

46. Conserve weight by leaving things sacks house. A couple of elastic band around your camping tent are lighter than the things sack. Put elastic band around the titanium stakes and band them to the poles to keep the stakes from poking holes in anything.

47. In some dry areas, you might have the ability to utilize a bivy sack or sleeping bag cover as your only shelter.

48. The pop-up bug bivies weigh just 6.5 ounces if you require bug security just.

49. For an even lighter service to bugs, a square backyard of no-see-um netting weighs less than an ounce.

50. Basic, light-weight tarpaulins can minimize your shelter weight to a pound or less.

51. You might desire to have a mosquito head internet to keep the bugs away if you utilize a tarpaulin, poncho/bivy, or bivy . Naturally, these can be utilized throughout the day, too. They weigh just.6 oz.

52. Some tarpaulins serve a double function by functioning as your poncho, too.

53. Innovative cable connecting from a tree or utilizing a readily available stick to some camping tents and tarpaulins can conserve the whole weight of poles.

54. The lightest ground fabric is the one you do not take. When you set up your camping tent so you do not require a ground fabric, Usage care.

55. Utilize one that’s a light as possible if you utilize a ground fabric. An ultra-thin 99-cent plastic painter’s fabric is a light non reusable choice. Some individuals like Tyvek. Think about utilizing 1.3 oz. silicone-coated nylon for your ground fabric.

56. Be sure to cut it a couple of inches smaller sized than your camping tent if you utilize a ground fabric. You can capture undesirable rain and funnel it under you if it’s larger than your camping tent.

57. Think about hammock outdoor camping. Hammocks can be as light as about 2 pounds, and there are some excellent benefits like having the ability to establish on unequal ground.

58. If you have a camping tent with a fly, you might have the ability to set it up with the poles and fly just, specifically in late summertime when there are less mosquitoes.

59. If you ward off bugs by including permethrin to your camping tent, you can more successfully utilize camping tent choices without netting.

60. Shake the water from your camping tent prior to loading it on a moist early morning. Let the wetness drain off while the camping tent is on a rock or tree.


61. Long-lasting weather forecast from the web can cut ounces from you load. In dry weather condition you can leave a few of the rain equipment house. In warm weather condition you can leave some insulating layers house.

62. You can shave ounces by making some last-minute choices about whether to bring things like rain trousers. You can leave products in the cars and truck if the weather condition and conditions look excellent.

63. Some hikers like to leave the rain trousers house anyhow if the weather condition is warm enough. Your legs will get damp, however they will not be caught inside sweaty rain trousers.

64. Your rain trousers can be lighter than 4 ounces if you utilize “chaps” that cover your legs however are open at the stomach.

65. If you utilize the really lightest and most easy ranges, rain equipment can weigh less than 10 ounces for bottom and leading. If you desire a piece of equipment that serves as shelter and rain equipment, we have actually currently pointed out mix poncho/tarps.

66. Among the very best light-weight clothes guidelines is “no multiples.” Running shorts and/or rain equipment are sufficient backup if you have one set of trousers.

67. One really light brief sleeve t-shirt and one long-sleeve t-shirt must suffice.

68. Prevent cotton. It does not dry as rapidly, so it might be harmful. And even if it’s not harmful, it’ll be much heavier when it’s damp since the water weight will not dry as rapidly as other materials.

69. Extremely light artificial products and silk might enable you to leave much heavier, bulkier fleece in the house. A number of silk layers under your rain equipment might suffice for summertime walkings. That’s an overall of less than 6 ounces for 2 t-shirts.

70. Never ever use denims. They weigh about 1 & frac12; pounds and do not dry well. Light-weight nylon outside trousers can weigh just 8 ounces.

71. If you require more insulation, there are ultralight coats made with down that weigh less than 8 ounces, about the weight of a Tee shirts.

72. You can conserve a great deal of weight by utilizing running shorts that weigh around 3 ounces rather of much heavier freight shorts.

73. Leather belts can be rather heavy. Search for a light belt. A light-weight nylon device strap with a quick-release buckle works well.

74. Utilizing silk can cut the weight and bulk of your underclothing in half.

75. A light-weight watch cap (beanie or light-weight equipping cap) can weigh just an ounce. It’s excellent for additional heat throughout the day or while you’re sleeping.

76. A full-brimmed hat for storm security that’s made from silicone-coated nylon weighs just 1.2 ounces.

77. A baseball-type hat from light-weight ripstop nylon for sun security can weigh less than an ounce.

78. A painter’s cap will offer you low-cost, light security from the sun. They weigh about 1.3 ounces.

79. Utilize a visor to be cooler and lighter if a hat is too hot for you. Visors differ a lot in weight, so utilize a digital scale to discover the lightest one.

80. Light-weight polypropylene gloves that weigh an ounce will offer you some heat.

81. You can utilize your additional socks as gloves, or for included heat over light gloves.

82. Those plastic paper or grocery bags that we utilized for keeping your feet warm in the evening can be utilized to keep your hands dry.

83. Socks that are warm, comfy, and assist you prevent blisters are important. If you tend to blister, do not attempt to go light and too thin. Lots of popular designs come in numerous heights. A much shorter, lighter sock may offer you the exact same function.

84. Among the very best methods to conserve clothes weight is to utilize running shoes rather of treking boots. The old expression of one pound on your feet amounting to 5 pounds in your pack holds true. You raise your shoes with every action, so why not raise something comfy and light?

85. Shoe laces that include your running shoes are frequently too long. They capture on the little branches along the path. You may also cut them off and conserve the weight. Burn completions so they do not decipher.


86. Keep your cooking equipment light by utilizing a kettle just. You can conserve majority the weight of the cooking package by leaving the plate and frying pan house. The & frac34; quart kettle by itself weighs less than 5 ounces.

87. With titanium, your kettle can weigh under 4 ounces.

88. Stainless-steel is heavy. Prevent it. Non-stick finishes make a kettle much heavier than one without it. Choose whether the weight of the non-stick surface area deserves it for you.

89. For your cup, utilize the plastic kind that have determining marks within. They’re 4 times lighter than a sierra cup.

90. Attempt utilizing a lexan spoon just. You most likely do not require a fork. For cutting food you can utilize your swiss army knife. Submit a few of the excess weight from the deal with of your spoon. Have some enjoyable being a fanatic. Drill some holes in the deal with.

91. Some hikers like a long Dairy Queen spoon since it can reach all the method into foil pouches and zip lock bags. If the spoon breaks, be prepared to utilize some emergency situation chopsticks. Some individuals like chopsticks anyhow.

92. Blacken the bottom of your kettle to prepare faster and save fuel. If your kettle will not do this naturally, utilize heat-resistant paint, the kind you utilize to paint bbqs and wood ranges.

93. Keep the cover for your kettle. You’ll conserve its weight by utilizing less fuel.

94. Utilize a windshield so you save and bring less fuel. You can most likely utilize something that’s currently in your pack so there’s no weight included. Or utilize something really light, like aluminum foil.

95. If you utilize butane/propane, utilize your digital scale to understand the weight of an empty and complete fuel container. It’s unexpected how far a little can will go. When to leave a complete 7-ounce container house, you can discover.

96. For a searching pad, keep it easy and sufficed down to an extremely little size. Or, even better, do not take one at all. They tend to end up being germs magnets. Usage goats beard– the things that’s connected to tree bark. Or utilize pine cones or sand.

97. You might require a towel to manage your hot kettle. Keep one little piece of a rayon camper’s towel for kitchen area usage and one for your body.

98. The lighter, thinner towels you can discover in supermarket are even lighter than a rayon camper’s towel. Due to the fact that they can wash so quickly for cleaning up, these work well on your body.

99. There are 2 primary kinds of ultralight ranges. Titanium stoves that burn butane/propane fuel can be as light as 2 & frac12; ounces. Their little fuel containers are 7 ounces. Or you can pick a soda can design range that burns denatured alcohol. These can be lighter than 2 ounces. Their fuel is easily offered and can be brought in really light containers.

100. Fiberglass is frequently utilized as a wicking representative in the soda can ranges. The thin fiberglass within foil can be utilized to hold hot ranges or kettles and can be utilized to hold heat in your kettle.

101. The lightest water container is a plastic soda, water, or Gatorade bottle. Naturally, you’ll wish to get rid of that heavy label.

101 Ultralight Backpacking Tips

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101 Ultralight Backpacking Tips


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