Cricket World Cup – The Minnows

Cricket World Cup – The Minnows


Prior to the Cricket World Cup, there was a great deal of discuss the addition of 2 groups in each of the 4 groups, that were not Evaluate Playing Countries, the so called Minnows of the Cricketing World. They would get beaten out of sight, no point in them playing simply to get whipped, it will set them back years, individuals were stating, even popular Cricket voices (whom I will not call). Attempt informing that to Ireland and Bangladesh today!

Well, let me inform you that I can truthfully state that I was not one of those who questioned the International Cricket Council’s choice. It is expected to be the World Cup, what point would there be if it was unjustly limited to the couple of.

Football World Cup Lessons to find out

Those of you who understand anything about the history of Football (or Soccer) may not know, however when the very first Football World Cup was set up, the English chose it was not for them, they were too great to get in, therefore it was that England didn’t even get in a group up until 1950 (twenty years after the very first one) and without delay got knocked out by losing to the U.S.A. and Spain. England have just ever won the Football World Cup when, in 1966.

My point? Even if you are favourites, does not imply that you will win, and definitely does not imply that you ought to avoid others from trying.

So I state reasonable play to the ICC for making the best choice. And How best that choice has actually up until now ended up being, with Ireland beating an exceptional Pakistan group and Bangladesh beating India.

And as if by poetic justice, a minimum of among these so called “Minnow” sides will make it to the Super 8 phase to deal with all the other countries who have actually certified, who they have actually not currently played. That is the method it ought to be, if we are really to call it the Cricket World Cup!!

Cricket World Cup – The Minnows

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