Humminbird Portable Fish Finder Evaluation of the 110, 120, 130 and 1

Humminbird Portable Fish Finder Evaluation of the 110, 120, 130 and 1

The Humminbird portable fish finder Fishin’ Friend series presently has a number of designs for purchase. They consist of, in rising rate, the Hummingbird 110, 120, 130 and 140 design systems. As the design number and subsequent rate boosts, there are subsequent extra functions that the lower designs do not have.

All designs, other than for the 110, have both a single beam down and side finder at 240 feet and 120 feet, respectively. All have the exact same power output at 125 watts RMS (roots indicate square) and 1,000 watts, peak to peak. They all have actually an integrated in temperature level gauge, are water resistant, have a backlight, install with a portable clamp, have a target separation of 2.5 inches and work on 6 AA batteries. Now let us go over the distinctions in between all 4 designs.

The Humminbird 110 Fishin’ Friend is one of the most fundamental system of the series at an entry level rate. The existing maker’s recommended list price (MSRP) is $119.99. For simply under $120 you will have a portable fish finder that will discover fish, however not have all the bells and whistles of the advanced designs. A lot of anglers trying to find an inexpensive fish finder will be entirely pleased with this system.

Up one level from the 110 design is the Humminbird 120 fishfinder with a MRSP of $169.99. For fifty dollars more, what do you get? You get a greater resolution screen, 8-level grayscale rather of side and just 4-level finder in addition to the single beam down. Is the screen resolution and included grayscale worth another fifty dollars? Maybe not, however the side finder is certainly an included bonus offer.

Next in line is the Humminbird 130 portable fish finder with a MSRP of $219.99. What do you get for yet another fifty dollars? An even greater resolution screen, 8-level vs 16-level grayscale and a 24-40 inch telescoping transducer pole instead of the 24 inch repaired pole on the 2 previous lower designs. The transducer extension will be particularly useful for those who prepare to utilize their fish finder on various sized boats, canoes or drift tubes.

Then there is the top of the line, the luxurious Humminbird 140 Fishin’ Friend with a MSRP of $269.99. For yet another fifty dollars you can have a color screen. Whatever else on this system is the exact same as the 130 design. A lot of users state the white and black screen works well adequate for them, however for those of you who truly desire the included contrast of a color screen, than you might wish to consider this system. The color screen will assist to compare plants types, fish schools and private fish.

For a portable fish finder, Humminbird does provide a respectable handle this series no matter which system you select. There are other brand names to think about such as Norcross Hawkeye F33P, the Garmin 140 or 300c and even the Humminbird Piranhamax 230 portable fish finder. It relies on which functions are essential to you and what you want to invest. Whatever design you select, having a portable system will now enable you to discover fish any place you wish to go.

Humminbird Portable Fish Finder Evaluation of the 110, 120, 130 and 1

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