The History of the FIFA World Cup Football Prize

The History of the FIFA World Cup Football Prize

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There are numerous prizes provided for numerous sporting endeavours today, nevertheless among the most well-known of these is the FIFA World Cup. What numerous individuals do not understand is that the FIFA World Cup Prize granted today has actually just been in presence because 1974. Prior to this date those countries that were winners of this specific sporting occasion existed with the Jules Rimet Prize rather.

The primary reason that a brand-new FIFA prize was presented remained in 1970 Brazil were granted the Jules Rimet Prize outright as they had actually won this competitors 3 times. As they existed with this prize so the FIFA needed to schedule a brand-new prize to be made to change it.

The brand-new FIFA World Cup prize was then provided to the winning Country in 1974 and this was West Germany who at the time were captained by Franz Beckenbauer. The prize that they existed with was created by Silvio Gazzaniga and produced by Bertoni Milano.

This prize much like the Jules Rimet one in the past is really fancy in style. On the body there are 2 figures revealed holding up the Earth and on its based are etched “FIFA World Cup” in out putting letters. The real prize is made from 18 carat strong gold and weighs an overall of 11lb and steps to a height of 14.4 inches. To guarantee that the cup stands properly the base which determines a width of 5.1 inches has actually been made from a strong carbonate mineral referred to as Malachite.

To be able to see the names of the winning countries on this specific prize it requires to be turned upside down. Due to the fact that the dates and names when the prize was won are etched on plaques in English on the bottom of the base, this is.

Today there are still adequate plaques offered to enable a more 9 countries to have their winning information put on this prize. It is just after the FIFA World Cup Competitors in 2038 will a choice requirement to be made regarding whether this specific prize must be retired and changed with a brand-new one.

The most significant distinction with this specific FIFA World Cup Prize is that it is not one that can be won outright as Brazil made with the Jules Rimet Prize. Today although the winning group exist with this prize on the day of their success they do not in fact get to keep it and rather of offered with a reproduction.

The primary factor for this is that following Italy winning the competitors in 2006 after the FIFA World Cup Prize had actually been restored it was harmed. A variety of days after the prize had actually existed to Italy photos appeared in papers revealing a little piece of the Malachite base had actually broken off. The damage to the prize was fixed however in order to avoid such a scenario in the future the FIFA chose no longer to enable the winning country to keep the prize till the next competition.

The FIFA World Cup Prize reproduction that the winning country now get is the very same size as the initial. Unlike the initial these are not made from strong gold however rather they utilize gold plating rather.

The History of the FIFA World Cup Football Prize

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