Ordersend Mistake 130 – Err_invalid_stops

Ordersend Mistake 130 – Err_invalid_stops

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If you are getting the Metatrader mistake: Ordersend Mistake 130, it might suggest a couple of various things are failing. It may suggest your stop loss is too close to the market rate. Second, it may suggest your take revenue is too near the marketplace rate. And Third, if you are positioning a pending order, you may be attempting to put it too near the marketplace rate. What should you do?

Due to the fact that there are several forex brokers with various account types out there, you need to examine the bank account’s market details within your specialist consultant to learn the minimum stop level range you have. Some accounts are 3 pips, while others may be 15 pips.

The function you will utilize is called MarketInfo. It needs 2 specifications, SIGN & & TYPE. Sign is the currency set or security you wish to gain access to and TYPE is the demand identifier to define the account details you want to return. Considering that we are trying to find the minimum stop level, we will utilize the type, MODE_STOPLEVEL.

double MarketInfo (string sign, int type)


int MinStopDist = MarketInfo(” EURUSD”, MODE_STOPLEVEL);

As Soon As you have this information, you wish to make certain you do not attempt to put stop losses or take earnings closer than this minimum range from the marketplace rate. In addition, you do not wish to attempt to put pending orders more detailed than this range from the existing market value. If you are utilizing a specialist consultant that you do not have the source code for, you will wish to search in the input worth settings and see if there is a stop loss or minimum stop loss setting that you can alter.

Ordersend Mistake 130 – Err_invalid_stops

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