How to Repair FIFA 14 Crashes?

How to Repair FIFA 14 Crashes?

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This short article consists of workarounds to assist repair FIFA 14 crashes on Windows 8/ 7/ Vista and XP. The tweaks and ideas consisted of in this short article have actually currently assisted numerous users.

Examine Hardware Requirements

There are some predefined hardware requirements in the ReadMe file. Your computer system needs to have all of them set up in order to play the video game.

  • Os: Windows 8/ 7/ Vista Service Load 1
  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 1.8 GHz
  • 2 GB of Memory
  • 8 GB of Free Hard Drive Area
  • 3D Sped Up and Pixel Shader supported Video Card and DirectX Compatible Audio Card

Update Origin

Origin requires to be upgraded as follows:

  1. Release Origin interface.
  2. Right click the video game entry, select “Look for upgrade”.

Offer Administrative Rights to Origin File

The origin file might be dealing with compatibility issues with the os. Windows offers a method to handle compatibility issues.

  1. Open My Computer System.
  2. Press F3 secret to find Browse.
  3. Type “Origin.exe” in the Browse box.
  4. Press ENTER.
  5. Right click the file from the Search engine result, choose Characteristics.
  6. Click Compatibility tab, check-up “Run this program in compatibility mode for” checkbox and select an earlier Windows variation.
  7. Click OK.

Modification FifaSetup_Default. ini Settings

This file consists of default setups. In this file you’ll discover 2 strings associated to your computer system’s screen resolution. If the screen resolution pointed out in the file matches with your existing screen resolution, inspect. Make suitable adjustments in the file if it does not.

  1. Open My Computer system, press F3 and look for “fifasetup_default. ini” file.
  2. Right click the file in the search engine result and open it with Note pad.
  3. Click Edit|Discover, look for “RESOLUTIONWIDTH” and “RESOLUTIONHEIGHT”:
  4. Change existing worths with suitable width and height.
  5. Click Submit|Conserve and after that exit.

Willpower Data Execution Avoidance Disputes

Often DEP disputes with your video game. It avoids the smooth running of the executable file. Include the video game file to the list of DEP Left out Products as follows:

  1. Right click My Computer system, choose Characteristics.
  2. Click Advanced System Settings in the left hand side panel.
  3. A brand-new dialog opens with Advanced tab opened.
  4. Click the Settings button under Efficiency frame.
  5. Click the Data Execution Avoidance tab, the last one.
  6. Pick “Switch On DEP for all programs and services other than those I pick”, click Include and find the following EXE files:
  7. C: Program Files (x86) Origin GamesFIFA 14Gamefifa14. exe
  8. C: Program Files (x86) Origin GamesFIFA 14Gamefifa14. exe
  9. Click okay two times.

Re-register Video Game Parts

Video game elements such as DLL files and server settings require to be re-registered. This will repair FIFA 14 crashes.

1. Click Start, type “Command Trigger” in the Browse Box.

2. It’ll appear in the Search engine result.

3. Click it, choose Run as administrator.

4. Type following commands one by one. Press ENTER after each command ends.

regsvr32 atl.dll

cd C: WINDOWSeHome

ehSched/ unregServer

ehSched/ service

ehRecvr/ unregServer

ehRecvr/ service

ehRec.exe/ unregServer

ehRec.exe/ regserver

ehmsas.exe/ unregServer

ehmsas.exe/ regserver

5. Close the Command Trigger dialog.

Reset Folder Permissions

There is a possibility that the FIFA 14 folder might not have adequate administrative approvals. When this holds true, you will supply check out/ compose approvals to the folder and all of its contents (sub folders, files).

  1. Open C: Program Files (x86).
  2. Right click FIFA14, choose Characteristics.
  3. Click Sharing|Advanced Sharing|Authorizations.
  4. Check-up “Complete Control” and click OK.

Erase User Preferences

The user choices are saved in a different folder called as “FIFA 14” which lies in the My Files folder. Due to corruption of these files, you are experiencing FIFA 14 crashes.

  1. Open My Files.
  2. Erase the folder “FIFA 14” to the Recycle Bin.

Note: DO NOT erase it permanently.Just in case the crashes are still happening, we can quickly restore it.

The very best method is to download FIFA 14 Crash-Fix Set up and run the downloaded program, conduct complete scan and fix the issue immediately.

How to Repair FIFA 14 Crashes?

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