The Dwarf and Barrel At Heidelberg Citadel

The Dwarf and Barrel At Heidelberg Citadel

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Heidelberg Citadel, or Schloss, is a labyrinth of attention-grabbing rooms and engaging legends. Actuality and fable come collectively whenever you see the Tun – a mammoth wine barrel, and also you be taught concerning the dwarf – the barrel’s legendary protector.

Heidelberg Schloss rests on a mount above town alongside the Necker River in Germany. A part of it lies in ruins, blown-up by the French in 1689 through the 9 Years Battle. Many legends arose from the ruins together with ghosts and witches A favourite is concerning the Tun and Perkeo the Dwarf.

Throughout the citadel is a huge wine barrel that holds 220,000 liters, or 58,100 gallons. It’s known as the Heidelberg Tun. Germans name it the Großes Fass. In-built 1751, it consumed 130 oak timber.

The Tun is talked about in literature by the next well-known authors: 

  • Jules Vernes, 5 Weeks in A Balloon
  • Mark Twain, A Tram Overseas
  • Victor Hugo, Les Miserables
  • Washington Irving, The Specter Bridegroom

As a month-to-month customer to Heidelberg, I heard concerning the Tun, however just like the Alps or the Grand Canyon, you have to see it in individual to understand the size. Why did somebody want a barrel of that dimension? Apparrently, the citadel was typically below siege. The Tun supplied sufficient wine for a protracted protection. Earlier than the tramway was constructed, some casualties probably occurred when troopers rolled particular person barrels up the steep slope to the the citadel.

As you admire the Tun, you’ll hear about Perkeo the Dwarf. Perkeo was the jester below the native ruler, Elector Karl Phillip. Amongst his duties was defending the Tun. The dwarf was a tough drinker who guarded and sampled a limitless quantity of wine. He by no means turned city a drink. Perkeo is Italian for’why not?’ – the reply somebody acquired when providing him a cup. Consuming solely wine, the dwarf lived a protracted life. Poor Perkeo substituted wine with only one glass of water and died the following day.

The Dwarf and Barrel At Heidelberg Citadel

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