Cartridge Conflict – .270 Win Vs 6.5 Greedmoor

Cartridge Conflict – .270 Win Vs 6.5 Greedmoor

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The .270 Win. has achieved world acceptance by sportsman because of its delicate demeanor and deadly potential. With bullets from 100 to 150 grains, it combines flat trajectory with average recoil. Velocities can prime 3,000 fps with a 140-grain bullet with out pushing limits, and for the reason that cartridge debuted within the Twenties, it has at all times remained a comparatively well-liked looking cartridge.

In 2007, Hornady’s Dave Emary and champion shooter Dennis Demille designed a 6.5 competitors cartridge based mostly on the .30 T/C. In contrast to its mum or dad cartridge, the 6.5 Creedmoor gained followers in a rush. Whereas it was a contest cartridge by design – mating lengthy, high-BC wind-bucking bullets with a brief, environment friendly case and low recoil – the 6.5 Creedmoor rapidly grew to become a crossover looking cartridge.

There’s quite a lot of overlap between the .270 and 6.5 within the area. The Creedmoor makes use of bullets from 95 to 160 grains, the .270 with bullets from 100 to 150 grains, so there are extra choices with the 6.5.

However the .270 Win. has a bonus when it comes to sheer velocity and vitality. With a 140-grain bullet, the 6.5 Creedmoor struggles to achieve 2,725 fps, whereas the .270 Win. can simply prime 2,900 fps and might even break 3,000. However the additional velocity and vitality requires extra powder, an extended motion, and the result’s a heavier gun that generates extra recoil.

Muzzle velocity is just one facet of a cartridge that may carry out at longer ranges, although. You have to additionally take into account a bullet’s ballistic coefficient, and the 6.5 Creedmoor has the higher hand there. The 129-grain Hornady InterBond 6.5 bullet has a BC of .485 in comparison with the 130-grain .270 Inter-Bond’s .460; the 140-grain 6.5 SST’s.520 BC outshines the 140-grain .270.

SST’s determine of .495. That equates to much less wind drift, and the lengthy, heavy 6.5
bullet’s excessive sectional density means a Greedmoor bullet meant for looking will penetrate deep to drop large recreation. The Creedmoor can be a masterfully environment friendly cartridge design. With 140-grain bullets the 6.5 Creedmoor achieves 2,700 fps with 42.3 grains of Hybrid 100V powder or 42.8 grains of Winchester 760.

To attain that very same velocity with a .270, you will want 49.2 and 50.3 grains of powder, respectively. It is cheaper, due to this fact, to reload the Creedmoor, no less than when it comes to powder consumption. And though the .270 Win. is hardly to be thought-about a heavy-recoiling spherical, it generates about 15 p.c extra recoil than the demure 6.5 Creedmoor, in addition to extra muzzle blast.

Just about each centerfire ammunition producer affords no less than one load for the .270 Win.; the identical cannot be mentioned for the 6.5 Creedmoor-at least not but. Likewise, nearly each bolt-action rifle made affords a .270 variant, though producers like Savage and Browning are including rifles chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor yearly.

If the cartidge’s trajectory continues, it might be as broadly obtainable sooner or later because the.270, however for the second the Winchester cartridge stays the extra ubiquitous alternative. By way of use on deer-size recreation, each of those cartridges will work completely effectively to longer ranges.

On bigger recreation like elk, the .270 Win. has the benefit. In case you consider the adage that it takes 2,000 ft.-lbs. of vitality to kill a bull, then the .270 carries that degree of vitality with most masses to roughly 300 yards whereas the standard 6.5 Creedmoor load falls under that quantity between 100 and 200 yards.

In case you do not handload, the .270 might be a greater possibility just because rifles and ammo are in every single place. In case you handload, you’ll be able to benefit from the big variety of 6.5 bullets. Backside line is that these two cartridges will serve you effectively, and it is unimaginable to hold the time period “loser” on both one.

.270 WIN.


  • Higher efficiency at average ranges
  • Prolonged monitor report on recreation
  • Large ammo, rifle choice


  • Requires longer motion, heavier rifle
  • Generates extra recoil than the 6.5
  • Not as nice part bullet choice



  • Brief-action rifles and low recoil
  • Glorious BC and SD figures
  • More and more extra gun, ammo selections


  • Not as efficient on elk-size recreation
  • Ammo nonetheless not broadly obtainable
  • Future not carved in stone

Cartridge Conflict – .270 Win Vs 6.5 Greedmoor

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